documents needed for drivers permit


  • (VOE) Verification of Enrollment form (from H.S.)  [valid for 30 days]
  • Proof of Residency Form
  • DE964 Certificate (given by 1st Choice)
  • Drivers License Application
  • Proof of US Citizenship or Lawful Presence

​                              (Birth certificate, passport, permanent resident card, Etc.)

  • Original SS Card
  • Two bills, from address stated, that are no more than 90 days old
  • Fee of $16.00​​                 


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Drivers license


  • ​DE964 Certificate (given by 1st Choice)
  • 30 Hour Log 
  • Verification of Enrollment Form (from H.S)  [valid for 30 days]
  • Learner License (Permit)
  • Impact Texas Teen Drivers Certificate          [valid for 90 days]